Everyday item or cake tool?

Cake tools and equipment can be so expensive and sometimes hard to find. Especially when it’s almost 2am and you cant find those overpriced scrapers you just bought!

I’m sure many of you can relate and if you can’t you may find these ideas interesting for the next time you dive into the cake-decorating world. Lets get started:

– Teaspoon: I use teaspoons almost all the time! I use it to create textures on my buttercream cakes as well as applying the Ganache drip!


-Plastic tablespoons: Ever wanted to make perfect sugar rose petals but don’t have anything to hold them in? Well if you have plastic spoons break the long end and hot glue the scoop onto a cake board and voila, you now have a petal shaper. If I cant find my petal board I sometimes just grab every single tablespoon I have in the house… I have so many so this works well for me.


– Wooden bamboo skewer: These can be used to create support when structuring tiered cakes (1 cake on top of each other), alternatively you could use bubble tea straws. Skewers can also be used to create patterns, textures.

– Sauce bottles: Plastic sauce bottles! You can find them at the dollar store or maybe around your house. This method can also be used to apply the Ganache drip. It can also be used to add simple syrup to your cakes.

– Water bottle: Now, if you’re familiar with Yolanda Gamp, then you definitely know who Sir Squeeze is, I really wanted one so I wanted to try making something similar (let’s all laugh lol) So I grabbed a water bottle, and poked holes into the lid and made roughly 5 holes. I filled it with cold simple syrup and it actually worked! Not as great as sir squeeze but it did the trick.

– Butter knife: The humble butter knife can be used as a scraper to smooth out your buttercream and spread it evenly between the layers, add patterns and textures to your cake.


– Ruler: 30cm plastic rulers are a staple in my cake kitchen, I use it to check the height of my cakes, as well as smooth them out! You can also find cheap scrapers from Bunnings!

– Apple corer: Used traditionally for coring apples but they can also be used to take the centre of cupcakes out and add delicious fillings!

– Zip-lock bags: These are fantastic to pipe chocolate decorations, Ganache drip, and even piping buttercream, just be sure to double up as sometimes they can break.

– Floral foam: Using floral foam to stick your cake pop sticks in instead of a cake pop stand!

– Ice cream scoop: I always use an ice cream scoop when making cupcakes, this ensures I get the same amount of batter in each cupcake patty.

– Sponge: A dishwashing foam sponge is useful when handling fondant, if you don’t have a foam petal pad you can use the sponge method to round out the edges of your petals.

– Salad dressing containers: These are cute little mini containers you can find at Coles, Woolworths or your local grocery store. They are meant to be for salad dressing but I use it to mix my lustre dusts so that every time I need to mix up some gold I just open the little container, it also helps with lustre dust wastage.

– Tweezers: Now after you’ve plucked your eyebrows just wack this little tool in your tool box, you’re good to go! JOKES! I have a never used tweezers in my tool box simply because its so handy for applying tiny details that I just cant pick up with my fingers.

– Eyebrow scissors/mini scissors: I think this speaks for itself, these little baby scissors can be so handy, can be used to create textured fur onto animals and so much more!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little segment and if you have any fun cake tools that you use as every day items comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear all about it!
Happy baking!

Love Nelle xox



Marbled donuts!

Who DOESN’T love a donut/doughnut? I know I love them and I’m hoping that whoever is reading this is a donut fan! I’m actually craving one right now, while writing this, which is ridiculous because I spend all day making sweets I should be over them by now!!!

My top tip for this Tuesday is how to make a marbled glaze for dipping your donuts! I use ganache for my donuts because I love the taste and it’s the perfect consistency. The simplest way to achieve the prettiest marbled donuts whether you’re trying to achieve galaxy themed donuts, rainbow, or in this case unicorn themed donuts, is to add the colour straight in (i’ll explain in a moment). Either way, marbled donuts match so many different themes!

I apologise in advance for my lack of pictures, I originally wanted to make this a pictorial however, I forgot to take photos of the process (SORRY!) so just bare with me while I use my words…

Firstly, start with white chocolate ganache. I use a 3:1 ratio of chocolate to cream and add in white gel food colouring by wilton. The white gel not only cuts through the natural yellow tinge of the ganache but it also allows your colours to remain separate which blends a lot nicer, in comparison to using un-bleached ganache (that sounded better in my head, it now sounds like its a cleaning tutorial).

After you have coloured your ganache:
Here’s the fun part, no need to separate your ganache into little bowls and colour them individually, just dot your food gel colouring right in the bowl! Use only a little dot of colouring at a time over the white chocolate ganache in the bowl.

After you have added gel colouring:
Take a skewer and run it through the colours to create a marbled look. If you dip your donut right in, you’ll get quite an intense colour so what I like to do is take a little spoon or mini spatula and slightly fold the ganache and colours together to cut through the intensity of the colours. Now get dipping! you’ll get different patterns each time and that’s the beauty of it! I used blue, purple and pink to achieve this marbled look. I finished them off wth some sprinkles and voila! Unicorn themed donuts.

The beauty of this technique is that you can add more and more colour to the ganache as you wish, but remember you can’t take it away so be very minimal with your colouring in the beginning.


Happy baking! Ps the sprinkles are by @twinklesprinkles.au

Love, Nelle xox

Top tip Tuesday: Burgundy buttercream!

Burgundy is so on trend right now with it’s beautiful, purple-y, plum-like, eggplant, maroon colour! My initial thoughts were should I make it chocolate buttercream and then go from there? No it might be too dark or too “brown”. Should I just add a tonne of colouring and hope for the best? Should I mix a bunch of colours together and pray?

I came across a creative cakes food colouring “Ruby” it looked like it might give me that burgundy/plum colour I was looking for so I bought it and thought i’d give it a go. I ended up mixing ruby by creative cakes, burgundy, super red, and a few drops of regal purple and electric blue all from americolour. Now, after all of this it still wasn’t good enough. I initially wanted to make this buttercream the night before, let it sit but of course I ran out of time and couldn’t make it so I settled and made it the morning of and hoped for the best. It wasn’t working.

This leads me to my TOP TIP! I stuck about a quarter of the buttercream in the freezer and left it there for about 5 minutes, I stirred in between and for some weird reason, the magic of the freezer started to deepen the colour. MAGIC! So I kept doing this until all the buttercream was deepened in colour and voila I had a beautiful shade that was lipstick worthy!

For next time I will probably let it sit overnight and try to use wilton or sugar flaire colours as im finding lately that americolour gels aren’t doing well forme in some cases (SORRY!).

Here was the final result, lipstick worthy I think 😉 Perhaps i should contact M.A.C, “Sassy sprinkles lipstick range” Yes, i think this will take off! haha!

IMG_3272 copy.jpg

Hopefully this top tip comes in handy for the next time you’re attempting any dark coloured buttercream!

Happy baking!

Love, Nelle xox


I’ve decided to start up a “top tip Tuesday” segment for my blog where I’ll share a clever little tip that i’ve learnt that week or throughout my cake journey. To kick start top tip Tuesday, i’m going to share these gorgeous bridesmaid cookies I made for a lovely girl to give to her maid of hour and bridesmaids. What better way to ask someone to be a part of your special day than with cookies?! I know i’d say yes haha!


Now, these are my first hand piped cookies and first bridesmaid cookies and the brides only request was to have an engagement ring cookie in the box. I could not for the life of me find a cutter at any of my local cake stores, and online wasn’t an option as I left it too late and didn’t want to risk it not arriving (amateur mistake). BUT! I am so thankful that I didn’t find a cutter because I utilised what I had at home. I used a hexagon cutter set and a circle cutter set. This is actually a better way of making an engagement ring cookie because not only can you actually achieve that perfect shape but you can make whatever size you want! Big or small, the shape cutters gives you versatility in size. Of course using a cutter is also a bit easier but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!


So here is what I did and how I achieved it. Enjoy!

IMG_3530 copy.jpg

As always, happy baking!

Love, Nelle xox

How to make creepy cookie fingers!

I’m a bit late, but who needs an excuse to make these creepy looking cookies?! Make them and scare your friends or they might just avoid eating them like a few people did when I put them on the table haha! As most of you are aware Halloween just passed and there were so many awesome treats floating around and of course these have been done many times but I thought i’d share how I made mine. I have never made these before but my sister was throwing a hallowen party so I thought I would make some cool Halloween themed treats. My usual style of cookie is pretty and girly so when I was making these I was actually nervous that they woudn’t turn out. The fun thing about these cookies is that you really cant go wrong, they are super easy, fun and you can get messy without feeling bad about it!

I used my plain sugar cookie recipe to make the cookies and I shaped them using my hands. I first started by rolling them into a sausage kind of shape and then I made some slight dents in the sides. Use your own finger as a guide. I then pressed a fork into two areas of the cookie, the same as my own finger (I sure hope my fingers don’t look like this lol). I then made a small indent for the nail part.

TOP TIP: Don’t make a huge indent for the nail and try keep that area a bit pointed and less wide. Another tip is not to make them too big because they may spread a bit in the oven, unless your going for Shrek vibes.


Once the cookies had been shaped I popped them into the freezer for about 10 minutes.
I baked the cookies and let them cool. Once cooled I dusted them with cocoa powder, I was originally going to use brown petal dust but I thought cocoa powder would taste better, it’s more cost effective and it’s the perfect colour if youre going for a ‘I just crawled out of the ground’ look.

For the nails I used almonds, try get the ones with the shell around the border, it looks like dirt under the nails (GROSS!). For the ‘blood’ I used thinned down royal icing and red gel food colouring. I added the almonds over the icing and BAM! Just like that I had dead fingers lying around my bench ooOooOooh creepy!


Another cool idea would be to add green food colouring to your dough to make them look more like Shrek fingers or even wicked witch of the west fingers!

Here are a few other treats I made for halloween! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Until next year!


Happy baking! Love, Nelle xox


Pet Parties!

Calling all animal lovers, specifically crazy cat lovers and owners who celebrate their pets birthdays’ because, our pets are our children! My little cat is named Bella and she is a pure white half Persian half tabby and tomorrow on October 26 she will be turning 6! Now I’m not writing this blog so I can boast about bella but to boast about her previous birthday party. Yes, that’s right you heard her birthday party! DUH! Last year we celebrated her 5th birthday and she had a little gathering with a few human friends and we had a seafood spread to celebrate Bella’s love for seafood of course. My aim for this blog is to show off her little dessert table and to share my love for my pet because they deserve just as much love as any friend or family member. I’ll be sharing my tips and ideas for the fury friend in your life, and if you’re as crazy as me and want to throw a pet party then keep reading!

Firstly, meet bella! Majestic, sassy little thing isn’t she?!

I decided to give bella a pastel themed party showcasing the colours pink, mint green and white. I chose these colours bevause these are the colours of my cat bella! Her eyes are green, she has pink paws and a pink nose and shes completely white. Now, my cat is as sassy as they come (hence why my business is called sassy sprinkles). She obviously gets the sassiness from me HAHA and so I decided to make Bella an edible version of herself because what else would she want!
I carved the cats body and head out of rice krispy treats and covered it in royal icing to give it a smooth finish. It was then covered in fondant and then scratched with modelling tools to give it a fury look. This figurine sat on top of a vanilla ice cream cake which I attached little pink chocolate dipped bone cookies around the sides. I made the ice cream cake by using store bought vanilla ice cream and a 6″ cake tin. I placed the ice cream into the tin, lined with cling wrap and i smoothed it out using a spatula until it was cake like and then i popped it into a freezer! Don’t forget the cling wrap because this is how i removed the ice cream cake from the tin. You can also use a tin with a removable base.
For the desserts I wanted all of them to be cat themed. I made chocolate dipped strawberries to look like little mice, I used almonds for the ears, lollies for the tail and sugar pearls for the ears and nose. Try choosing the pointiest strawberries when making these so you get the snout look that mice have.
I also decided to make chocolate dipped oreos and decorated them to look like Bellas’ cute little face! I used fondant for the ears, eye sprinkles and I used food colouring to paint on the details. The cool thing about these oreos were that they were vanilla, not chocolate oreos!
I also made a “meow” mix for the table by mixing together strawberry panda treats, bone cookies and pink popcorn.
The cutest little mini cupcakes sat underneath the cake and I went simple with these and made pink fondant ears and piped a little dot of frosting. I used a wilton 8B piping tip. Simple and sweet.
14925807_10208961159120390_5799183843851119627_n.jpgTo style the table I wanted to use the colours mint green, pink and white so I used a mixture of cake stands to add height and variation to the table. I used a fish bowl to hold the meow mix because as we all know cats love fish and I thought it was a cute touch. I managed to also have a vintage tassel garland that I had handmade previously and it went so nicely and tied everything together. I made the garland using different types of fabrics and ribbons and string to tie them onto. It’s a simple and effective way to add colour to your table.
If you want to see what I’ve whipped up for Bella this year, head on over to my Instgram @sassysprinklescakery, click follow and stay tuned!

Love, Nelle xox


How to make 3D Little Nut-brown Hare cupcake toppers!

Anyone who knows me know that I am OBSESSED with rabbits! Anything with a bunny on it and i’m in! I literally have about 6-8 bunnies hanging around my room. No joke theres stuffed bunnies, ceramic bunnies, rose gold and moss green bunnies. I guess you could consider me to be one of those old ladies that collects spooky dolls but bunny edition HAHA.

I’ve also had 2 pet rabbits in my lifetime so it’s not just faux bunnies that i’m obsessed with, my fur babies were even cuter! Now that i’ve revealed my strange obsession with rabbits let’s now explore my long awaited desire to create something peter rabbit, or in this case the nut-brown hare! I was so excited when I was asked to create cupcakes according to this theme and so when I was designing these cupcakes I actually didn’t know where to start! I often get inspiration from the characters themselves. I happened to have a tin with the characters on it and inside are cute little nutbrown hare themed  chocolates, a special gift from my nene (grandmother). I then had the idea to use the stories of the nut-brown hare as inspiration for the cupcakes! I wanted to recreate a scene from the book “Guess how much I love you” where little nut-brown hare and the nut-brown hare are staring at each other ever so lovingly!

PS Check out my watermark, pretty fancy hey 😉

Anyway, heres how I made the little nutbrown hare, enjoy!

I used white fondant and hand painted it brown to match the colours in the book. You can do the same or use a light brown fondant and a bit of white.
Firstly, roll a ball of fondant with one side being thicker than the other and then shape it like shown in the image below.

Now to make the little thighs and feet that sit flat against the side of the body. Youll need two of these. Start by rolling a little piece of fondant with one side thicker than the other and leaving one end with a slight ball to act as feet. I didn’t manage to take a picture of them individually but they are seen in the bottom of the image above in a blur (sorry guys!). flatten the large side slightly and arch the little foot upwards. You can also choose to add some detail to the top of the foot by cutting two slits into the foot (you’ll see in the images later).

Once you’ve made two, leave them to the side and work on the arms or paws whatever you want to call them.

Make two of these arms and add the same details you added onto the foot/thigh, onto the ball of the arm.

Ok so I also forgot to photograph the maing of the bunnys head, just roll a decent sized ball of fondant into a slight football shape with only one side being a football? Youll see what I mean shortly!

Now to make the ears take a ball of fondant and roll both ends into a little point, leaving the middle bit fatter.
Once you have two of these, flatten them slightly.
Then, using a ball tool, flatten them out in the middle to further enhance the centre and achieve that dented ear look.
Once you’ve made the ears you can work on that cute little bunny tail by using a small round ball of fondant, flattened slightly and then pricked with a tooth pick to give it that fluffy texture! Now you have all the pieces you need to mak this little guy, but lets juat make sure! ROLL CALL!

  1. Body
  2. Head
  3. Bunny tail
  4. 2x ears
  5. 2x thighs
  6. 2x arms

Lets put it altogether!

Using a little bit of water and a paint brush, glue the thighs to the sides of the body and add the little slits using an exacto knife or a tool of your choice to the top of each foot. (Refer to image)
Next, glue on the arms to the front of the body and cut slits into the balls of the arms to create the look of paws.

Afterwards, you can attach the little bunny tail to his bottom and also attach a tooth pick where the head is going to sit. This will provide some stability. Just warn your guests. IMG_3141.jpg
Attach the head and ears and using a ball tool, poke small indents where you want his eyes to be!

And voila! You have cute little un-painted bunnies, waiting to be brought to life! Simple shapes but oh so cute!

It’s best to leave them to dry over night before you start painting.

When you’re ready to paint select a few colours or powder colours that you think would work best, remember you can use this tutorial to make whatever bunny you like! If you want to make the little nut-brown hare in the same way i did then use these gel colours and dilute them with some clear-alcohol. I used rose spirit.
I began with a light coat and let it dry and then slowly added layers as i pleased. I used more of a spongey motion in comparison to a painted brush stroke, as i wanted to create a similar look to the book. As i wasn’t happy with just a flat look to the fur i ended up actually using a little bit of water over the paint to create the effect of “fur” which actually looked more like the story book, in my opinion.

I also added little balls of white fondant for his eyes and painted a portion of it using black food gel (undiluted).


Aren’t they the cutest! Heres what they ended up looking like, which mimicked the scene from the story so beautifully.


I also made some veggie patch cupcakes to go along with the theme, which I fell in love with!

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and learnt some new techniques that you can implement in your own creations!

Follow me and my cake journey on Instagram @sassysprinklescakery and if you want more sneak peeks add me on snapchat! @nellejas

As always, happy baking!

Love Nelle xox


How to make a unicorn cake!

And we’re back again with more unicorn magic! Love them or hate them they are here to stay and who doesn’t love a little magic now and then 😉

This particular design has been done many times and the original design was by the amazing Jenna Rae Cakes! It’s such a simple, clever and effective way of creating a pretty unicorn cake. It’s also an incredible flexible design which can be suited to many colours, themes and can be for boys or girls! You can pretty much make whatever unicorn your heart desires. I opted for a traditional unicorn, is that even a thing? A traditional unicorn? HAHA! I went for the cliché rainbows and unicorns theme by making a simple pearl white unicorn with a rainbow mane. I used an 8″ tin and baked about three vanilla cakes, it had roughly 6 layers of cake inside, layered with strawberry SMBC.


I added some adorable gold star sprinkles and made sure the horn and ears were adorned in gold, and gold glitter. The ears, horn and eyes are made with fondant. I used a petal cutter to create the ears by using two different sizes, one large petal shaped cutter for the outer ear and a smaller petal cutter for the inside (gold glitter section). Both the horn and ears were supported with bamboo skewers to keep them upright. I suggest making these parts at least a week in advance.

The horn is a sausage of rolled fondant (that sounds totally weird) but it is what it is! One side is thicker than the other which gives you that spiral look. I wrapped it around a bamboo skewer using some edible glue to glue it altogether. Once dried I painted it in gold lustre dust mixed with rose spirit, I always use rolkem!

Now for the fun part, how did I make that rainbow mane!

If you’re anything like me, then you have probably had some bad experiences making rainbow buttercream. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with rainbow anything!

Here are a few of my tips to making the perfect rainbow buttercream!


1. Colouring your buttercream can be a challenge but if you want to recreate the buttercream colours I used for my unicorn cake here is what I used: (All colours were americolour brand unless stated otherwise)

Blue: sky blue and turquoise
Purple: electric pink and sky blue
Yellow: lemon yellow
Green: electric green
Pink: fuschia and electric pink
Orange: peach

TIP: DON’T add a whole blob of food colouring to your buttercream, add drops and stir until you achieve the desired colour.

I wanted to create a bright rainbow but also subtle colours that would blend nicely together, when you create very bold colours sometimes they can end in a mess and become cloudy when applied to the cake.

  1. Be cautious of purple! For some reason purple tends to take over the other colours and it turns into a funny grey colour, avoid using too much purple if you can.
  2. When piping buttercream rosettes or swirls onto cake use the cling wrap method which is lining up your buttercream side by side in whatever colours you like I positioned them from pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Once you have lined them all up next to each other roll the cling wrap into a sausage shape and pop it into a piping bag with a piping tip of your choice.
  3. Don’t over fill the bag. I unfortunately learnt this the hard way and by the end of it my pants, hands, table and floor had buttercream blobs everywhere! Just fill the bag with minimal amounts and keep making cling wrap sausages when needed!
  4. Another helpful tip is to colour your buttercream with minimal amounts of food colouring and let it sit for 10-20 minutes in between so that your colour deepens so that A) you don’t have to use much colouring and B) you don’t end up with a colour you didn’t want.I also made some matching cupcakes!


    I hope these tips were helpful! If you’d like to keep up to date with all my latest creations head on over to @sassysprinklescakery on Instagram! Happy baking!

    Love, Nelle xox

Tips to making the perfect cake pops!

I believe cake pops came about a few years ago and were first seen by Bakerella, a total baking babe. Her cake pops are immaculate and come in so many designs and shapes! They are such an economical and environmentally friendly sweet if I do say so myself, as they are usually made using scraps of cake. But of course the cake world turned it into more than just a cake scrap and now people are baking their cakes and breaking them apart, sad but delicious!

Here are some of my tips to making cake pops whether they are plain round or shaped. Here are a few questions I’ve received lately:

  1. How do you get them so smooth?
  2. What chocolate do you use?
  3. How do you melt the chocolate?
  4. How and when do you colour the chocolate?
  5. Easiest way to get a smooth chocolate finish on the cake pop?

To answer the first question, I would probably start with my recipe! I use ganache with my cake scraps, I find that it gives me a more solid cake pop as well as a smooth texture that I can roll into balls or shape them. When immuring shaped cake pops, I roll out my cake pop dough to a decent thickness and pop it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and then cut out shapes. Pop it back into the freezer to set nice and firm before you handle. Shaped cake pops are more difficult but are a lot of fun!


Ganache is especially good for shaped cake pops, in my opinion. It also tastes delicious! You can also use buttercream. To get a smooth finish on my cake pops I always make sure my dough is completely fudge-like, no dry cake. If you have dry cake it will most likely promote cracking and this will give you lumps and roughness. I always ensure my cake pops are even, I measure the amount of dough per cake pop (yes, extremely OCD). I usually have 30g of dough per cake pop. When I roll them I always flatten them completely and squish them in my hands to take out any air pockets and cracks and wrinkles, the aim is to roll it in your hands until you see no wrinkles or cracks and it’s got a nice “shine” to it.

Next question…I use nestle melts! They have always worked for me and I’ve never had an issue. Sometimes I thin down my chocolate using coconut oil or copha chips. I melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts and stir in between.

To colour my chocolate, I obviously always use white chocolate. I add either powder colours, gel colours or chocolate candy colours, never liquid. When using gel colours, I always mix the gel colour before-hand with some “flo coat” which can be found in most cake decorating stores. By mixing it with “flo coat” before you add it to your chocolate it will help avoid seizing the chocolate as well as having those nasty little colour granules. The best results I’ve had with colouring chocolate has been with candy colours! These are made specifically for colouring chocolate so if you can get your hands on them, do it!

TOP TIP: If you want to colour your chocolate blue, without using candy melts, add titanium dioxide powder or white gel colouring with the addition of “flo coat” or coconut oil (preferably wilton white) to your chocolate before you add the blue. If you don’t add these products beforehand you’ll most likely get green, as white chocolate had a yellow-ish tinge to it.

Now the easiest way to dip my cake pops and achieve a smooth finish on them without lumps, streaks and other annoying problems is to first start with your smooth cake pop as I mentioned earlier, and then of course having smooth melted chocolate. Your chocolate shouldn’t be thick or thin it should “flow” if your chocolate is sticking to the spoon when you flip it upside down its too thick, if the chocolate doesn’t coat the spoon it’s too thin. You can’t have your chocolate too thick or it won’t coat the cake pop and if it’s too thin it will crack and if you’re using white chocolate on a dark chocolate cake pop you will see through the chocolate! It should “flow” in a ribbon effect. If you want more of a visual I suggest watching Elise from My cupcake addiction on youtube! I use a little jug with high sides and lots of depth to it so that my cake pop isn’t touching the bottom of the jug and it covers the entire surface in one dip! Don’t shake your cake pop, tap your wrist and spin it slowly to get a consistent surface.

I hope these handy little tricks have been helpful and answered a few questions ive had recently. Here are some of my cake pop creations!




Happy cake-poppin’!


Love always, Nelle xox


Who doesn’t love a rainbow? It’s the thing we look for after a sun shower, it’s that little reminder that we often to instil in us that life is beautiful! Rainbows can be suited so many themes and cakes which is why its so much fun to work with! You can have colourful and vibrant rainbows or go for a subtle pastel rainbow, either way, its stunning!

Recently, I made a trolls themed cake and if you’ve seen this fun, feel good film you’ll know just how wonderfuly colourful it is! Not only are the characters bubbly, fun and completely colour crazy, but the scenery itself within the film is just bursting with colour! Now, sometimes less is more, and that’s exactly the idea I had for this cake. Ive seen so many beautiful trolls themed cakes with crazy colours, decorations and I wanted to go nuts with sprinkles, lollies and essentially everything but the kitchen sink. But, I showed restraint and found that not only did simplicity really bring out the features in the cake but it also allowed the colours to speak for itself. I have to admit, sometimes simple wins!

The purpose of this post is to share a few tips and tricks I have learnt that helped me achieve the striped rainbow buttercream look. Now don’t be fooled, it looks easy peasy lemon squeezy, but really, its difficlut difficult lemon difficult (credit to a HILARIOUS meme on favebook! LOL). Silly me, only had 3 round piping tips… I wanted to use 5 colours. Depending on how many colours you use, that’s how many piping tips you should have if you want to get everything precise and clean.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Figure out how many colours you want to use, for this example lets just say you want to have 5 like I chose.
  2. Measure the height of your cake and divide it by how many colours you have (For example, 8 inches in height divided by 5 is 1.6 inches, therefore you should pipe each colour to reach 1.6 inches in heigtht)
  3. To help with the tip above, I used tooth picks at each interval to make sure I reached that height (yes I know, the light pink is taller than the rest of the colours, we all make mistakes!)
  4. Another great tip is to weigh your buttercream, once you have the total weight of the buttercream divide it by how many colours you have and voila you will get even amounts of each colour!
  5. Have a tall enough scraper to scrape your cake, I actually used a plastic ruler for this one as it was extremely tall.
  6. Tip for colouring: If you have really vibrant deep colours like my cake I would suggest letting your buttercream sit for 15 minutes after you colour it and give it a mix, you’ll be surprised how much the colour deepens.
  7. Lastly, if you often second guess yourself about colours check out the AMAZING colour chart by “Love at first bite” which gives you an awesome visual on what colours to mix in order to achieve certain colours.




I hope this was helpful, Happy baking!


Love, Nelle xox