About Nelle.

This is my very first blog and i am super excited to start posting up recipes and tutorials that i have learnt over the years throughout this amazing journey. Firstly, i started this journey when i was 15, i fell madly in love with all things cake. The first video i ever watched was a Wilton baby shower cake which was an orange flavoured cake with orange buttercream and decorated with little icing ducks. I instantly thought WOW this is amazing! I also stumbled across a video tutorial of the makings of a pink fondant bow (p.s i did not know what fondant was). So, naturally i followed Wilton’s orange cake and buttercream recipe, made a batch of poorly made marshmallow fondant and made a bow and some polka dots. I made this cake in a little oven at my dad and step mums place and they LOVED it! I also said to myself “I can definitely make all my fondant from scratch for everything!” Um…Yeah right. Today, i am a proud user of store bought fondant! Anyway, currently i am a 21 year old student from Sydney and have a passion for baking and cake decorating, which is what i will be sharing predominantly throughout this blog. As I’m fairly new to this ‘blog’ world I’m going to slowly share my creations and some helpful tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way! I’m excited to share my memories, ups and downs, hilarious moments and fails, my triumphs and achievements.

Love, Nelle xox



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