This was one of the most colourful and tropical cakes I’ve made. The brief was tropical flowers, coconut, turquoise and turtles. Now, as a “caker”, when we are given a brief we tend to get a little nuts. My creative juices were flowing and i knew exactly what i wanted to achieve. To start off, i made a moist and tropical coconut cake as the base (p.s. if you want a MOIST coconut cake my little tip is to make a coconut water simple syrup, yes COCONUT WATER simple syrup). Now, i couldn’t make my coconut cake without my fluffy creamy coconut buttercream! An absolute match made in coconut heaven! As for the tropical florals, i just had to have edible blooms in an array of colours. They adorned the cake in a waterfall fashion, because why not?! The cake was tinted turquoise using a small amount of Americolour Gel food colouring (when i say small, i mean, use a toothpick to scoop that out guys, we are aiming for tiffany meets sea foam green). Now, when it came to decorating i obviously did a crumb coat yada yada yada… But, can i just add that creamy dreamy coconut buttercream is NOT a great smoother! I managed to pull through but it was not as smooth as an american or Swiss/Italian meringue buttercream. My suggestion to you if you are interested in making a coconut buttercream is to beat the air out of and just work it, also maybe don’t add almost 2 cans of coconut cream…But hey, its coconut i couldn’t help it! As for the cutest little sugar turtle ever, it was inspired by “Krazy Kool Cakes” but i had to put my own spin on it 😉 I made her in literally 45 minutes, and added the cutest little details such as colourful sugar flowers, orange barnacles and of course some algae because well she spends lots of time the water! I named her Sabrina because well she deserved a name and she was too beautiful to not name. By the end of it i wanted to keep her and use her as decor for my room! But sadly, she had another path to lead. She sat proudly on top of this dreamy creamy coconut cake and looked ever so cute. I enjoyed making this pretty little number and i hope to make many more tropical beauties in the future! I was so inspired by the colours, florals and the turtle which made me think about how we should remember the beauty of nature in its simplest form, and appreciate all the fruits of life. Thank you mother nature for your many blessings.


Love, Nelle xox

Recipe for coconut water simple syrup:

1:1 ratio
1 cup coconut water
1 cup sugar

1. Add ingredients into a heavy based saucepan
2. Stir and wait for sugar to dissolve
3. Pour onto cake once cooled



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