Eton Mess vs Pavlova

You are probably wondering either what a pavlova, is or what an eton mess is…Well, if you are in either one of these categories i advise you stop reading, exit my blog…Totally kidding! Well a pavlova or ‘pav’ is an classic Aussie dessert usually served on special occasions or to satisfy any cravings, built upon marshmallowy meringue, fluffy clouds of cream,seasonal fruits and usually passionfruit pulp for a tangy hit! Now, eton mess on the other hand is the English version of a pavlova, or is it the other way around? Are pavlova’s Aussie versions of the English eton mess?! Im confused, either way they are both delicious and loved worldwide! So, this week i had a MASSIVE order for both mini pavlovas and mini eton mess cups, as i was thinking of ways to be inventive and make them as special and unique as possible, i realised that both the desserts didn’t really differ THAT much. However, they had different names and different origins. Heres what i found, traditionally, eton mess originated in England and consisted of meringue, cream and strawberries or some kind of fruit. The pavlova was actually claimed by both Australia and NEW ZEALAND! Yep, New Zealand is also the mother country to the dearly loved Pav! But the most interesting thing i found on my wild goose chase for answers about the mysterious pavlova was that the dessert was actually named after ballerina Anna Pavlova! Wow…to have a dessert named after you, how does one achieve such a level of perfection. What would a dessert be called if it was named after me? Nellies jelly? Jelly Nelly? It doesn’t have the same finesse as Anna Pavlova *sigh*. Anyway, the actual meringue base was originally called “White bisket bread” interesting hey? But anyway, enough of history lets get down to the good stuff. My conclusion is that no matter where this dessert came from, all countries who claimed it, made it, and appreciate a good pavlova, eton mess and white bisket bread should be saluted, because well, who doesn’t enjoy a good old classic! Now i have some questions for any of you reading, whats YOUR pick? Are you an eton mess lover? or are you a fan of the pav? And for all the fitness freaks shaking their heads, egg whites are protein, a little sugar thrown in, maybe some cream, but hey theres fruit!

Top tips:

  1. Pick sour fruits to pair with your sweets, it creates a beautiful balance.
  2. When whipping your egg whites i know it says to add cream of tartar etc but you don’t need it, just use half a lemon, rub it all over the mixer/beater/whisk and bowl and you’re good to go!
  3. Always make your pavlova/eton mess the day of serving, no one likes a soggy meringue.
  4. Mix it up! Make the desserts your own, we can’t all be Anna Pavlova.

    Love, Nelle xox



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