1 cake two themes!

What do you do when you can’t decide on ONE theme for a cake? You so desperately want the best of both worlds but don’t want to overcrowd the cake? You combine both of those crazy themes and create the best of both worlds in cake form, cake AND cake pops!

So this order was interesting for me, firstly not only was it requested by my partner (who is probably reading this thinking to himself, yes my little personal cake maker go on) who FORCED me to make this (totally kidding). He wanted two themes, the first was a warriors NRL theme, and the second was a dragon ball Z theme. Now, I have a confession to make, I cannot stand making football themed sweets. Football fans and freaks please do not hate me, I am not a sports girl, nor am I going to pretend to be, therefore making a cake for it isn’t my favourite thing. But thankfully, it was just a logo (phew). Now, my partner is not a fussy guy, but if I could explain his pedantic nature when designing this cake, WOW! Did someone say annoying/fussy customer? (kidding love you!). But no joke, he designed it and was such a perfectionist, but hey being with me turns people insane, especially when it comes to cake, so I’m proud to say the least. But anyway enough about that, let’s get to the cake! I made a delicious and new flavour which is a vanilla raspberry mud (guys if you are ever going to order from me, this is the cake to get), it was covered in white chocolate ganache and covered in a thin layer of fondant (SAY NO TO THICK FONDANT!) or you can say yes…Up to you. Oooooh quick tip! When working with black fondant, sometimes when you use cornflour or icing sugar as a means to eliminate sticking fondant, it can stain the fondant, especially black. I use rose spirit to wash out majority of the corn flour but sometimes its unavoidable and not noticeable so don’t stress. I made two tiers and attached an edible image of a Warriors logo to the top tier, as requested. I always attached fondant to the back of my edible images for extra stability (see below for my top tips when working with edible images). The bottom tier was decorated simply in red and white angled stripes and small cut outs to resemble feathers, and to give it a rough look I dusted it with black petal dust. I think I’m in love with black petal dust, it really does create an authentic look to so many things, you could even use it when making a cobble stone road to add a rustic feel to it, a Hulk fist to enhance his “monster like” demeanour, but I’m sure I’ll show you guys that in a later blog post 😉 But my FAVOURITE part of this cake was those golden, crunchy cake pops! I was inspired by Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies. These dragon ball z cake pops are not only affective and authentic looking when it comes to dragon ball z, but they are the most DELICIOUS cake pops I’ve ever made and eaten! That crunchy coating is just so good, not for the faint hearted but you live once! I had never made them before this cake so I was super excited to try something new. For anyone who wants to attempt the cake pops I’ll leave a link to Ro’s video and I will also list my top tips for making them. All in all, it was such an enjoyable cake to make and I would definitely make those cake pops again!


Tips for working with edible images:

  1. Use a thin/medium thick amount of fondant under your edible image if you are sticking it on a fondant cake as I’ve done in my cake.
  2. Use an ‘exacto’ knife to cut it out once it’s on the fondant (use a craft mat, thick cardboard or cake board that you don’t need underneath to avoid scratching your work surface, and getting yelled at, like I did once…or twice)
  3. Water is good to use as a glue but use it SPARINGLY, tiny tiny amounts of water, edible images are so delicate, too much water will make the image soggy you may accidently rip the image upon handling.
  4. Be as gentle as possible when handling them, rub the image on an angle like the edge of a table to lift it and then use an angled spatula to lift the image from the paper.


Tips for making the cake pops:

  1. If you make cake pops all the time, invest in a cake pop stand, you’ll need it for this!
  2. If you don’t make cake pops all the time and this is just a one off (you’ll be back for more) use floral foam or Styrofoam.
  3. Wait for the cake pops to get a little sticky before adding the fondant stars or sprinkles, they won’t stick with water or royal icing (I tried trust me)
  4. Warn your guests about the hardened shell, we don’t want any broken teeth.
  5. If you are looking to specifically make the dragon ball z cake pops and only make 7 of them, halve the recipe and don’t make a full batch, you won’t need all that sugar mixture!






Love Nelle, xox

Ps, Happy birthday Rangi!




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