Edible Makeup!

Calling all make-up lovers, artists, cake decorators and anyone interested in edible makeup!  Now I’m not makeup savvy, I don’t know all the tips and tricks that ladies of my generation are so blessed with, so I make cakes. I can paint the face of a cake but not my own?! How unfair right? Complaining about my lack of makeup skills aside, like cake decorating, make up is an art form and similarly, they have about 100 different sets of brushes that 90% of the population have no idea what they are used for (but trust me guys, there is a single purpose for each and every one of those brushes). Likewise, cake decorators have 100000 brushes, tiny ones, bigger ones, fluffy ones, fanned out ones just heaps OK! I actually still own my first ever proper cake decorating paint brush that I ever bought, surprisingly It’s still in good condition. Anyhow, this is an incredibly special blog because…. We are collaborating with an amazing make-up artist “Make up by Elle”, we have teamed up and I’ve put her up to the challenge of using luster dust in her next filmed make up tutorial! I’ll post up the link to her video as well as her Facebook page for those who are in the same category as me and just can’t do make-up…Let’s face it it’s just as much an art as caking and I’ll stick to cakes 😉 The latest trend on the make-up scene is highlighting, you sort of highlight your upper cheek or something and give it a shiny effect, to obviously blind people and make yourself be noticed amongst dark places, totally kidding HAHA! It looks super cool and I’ve even seen rainbow highlighter, you know to match my unicorn cheesecake, obviously?! Now this discovery is revolutionary, I recently saw a few of my friends on my Facebook list post about where to buy decently priced highlighters and I cheekily thought to myself well you might as well use luster dust! This stuff is extremely SHINY! I mean extremely! I can already picture make-up artists either reading hastily or clicking exit…Let me explain. Luster dust is an edible shimmer dust that we cake decorators use on our cakes to add shine, pretty up our work and “highlight”. If I could use a tonne on every cake I would, sadly I don’t think the Warriors and Dragon Ball Z cake would have looked great glittered up! With this idea I obviously had to test it so I remembered I had bought 2 new ones (because I use that stuff like its running out of fashion), I opened up a new one and put some on my face to ‘highlight’ and it WORKED! Maybe it wasn’t applied properly or with one of the million brushes but it made my face shiny! As I don’t know much about make-up and brands, I do know my luster dust. If you wanted to purchase an affordable ‘highlighter’ that’s edible, then head on over to your nearest cake decorating store and pick up some luster dust in white shimmer! Cheaper and you get more out of it win win right?!

Ps, do not eat this right out of the little tub, I don’t think it would harm you but please, we don’t want you to look like Voldemort when he was caught drinking unicorn blood!

DSCN9010 (1).jpg

DSCN9011 (1).jpg

Here are some pearly shined cake pops which were dry brushed by this mesmerising shimmer! Perfect pearly pops!


Special thanks to “Makeup by elle” here is the link!


Love, Nelle xox


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