This cake was especially dear to my heart because it was made for someone who is also dear to me, Tracy! I had a great time designing, planning and executing this lovely blushing pink beauty as I made sure it was head to toe adorned with deliciousness! Now, who doesn’t love the combo of raspberry and white chocolate? Maybe a bit of rose thrown in? Before this cake I had never made a raspberry vanilla cake (weird, I know) but I just hadn’t because I was always scared and didn’t want to use artificial raspberry flavouring. I made this cake using fresh raspberries but here’s a tip when using fresh or frozen fruit, DO NOT add them right into your batter and fold, add some flour to your berries and mix and then add, that way they don’t sink to the bottom. I also used a raspberry coulis to swirl through the batter. I layered the cake like this…


Simple syrup

Swiss-meringue buttercream

Raspberry compote

Coconut flakes

Before this cake, I had never made a Swiss-meringue buttercream frosting before and so I was nervous about whether it would work due to the use of eggs and whether I would have enough. Thankfully, by the will of the baking gods (and the use of a double batch recipe) we had enough for a 7-inch cake with 4 thickly sliced cake layers. I tinted my buttercream with Ameri-colour fuchsia pink (only a TINY bit), this is a great gel colour to use if you are trying to achieve a baby pink. Ok so, after I stacked and filled the cake, PS, SAVE THOSE CAKE HUMPS! I then covered it in a crumb coat of Swiss-meringue buttercream and chilled it to set. I then added another layer of frosting and left it at a semi-naked cake stage. Now, I was tossing up between a torched meringue (channelling Andy Bowdy) or adding a drippy drip (Katherine Sabbath vibes). I went with a mixture of both because why not?! I added a white chocolate ganache drip using a 1:1 ratio of white chocolate and cream, BUT I wanted it WHITE so I added titanium powder to it and WOAH, yellow be gone! I then drizzled that white chocolate, snowy drip all over this butter creamed beauty and let it semi set before I started adding my bits and pieces. Before you let it ‘set’ add some coconut flakes to the bottom edge of the cake if you want to give it a bit of PIZZAZ. Ok, I can’t believe that was a word.

Now for the fun part…DÉCOR! Remember how I mentioned, better yet screamed (through the computer screen) that you should keep those cake humps, unless you are a crazy baker who achieves perfectly straight cakes straight out of the oven, that don’t need levelling (if so, bake another cake WE WANT CAKE SCRAPS!) anyway, take those humps and chop them up in whatever shapes, tear it up, scrunch it up just don’t cake pop crumble this. Now add it to your cake on top to create a mountain high pile of vanilla raspberry goodness. Now I added white chocolate coconut Raffaello’s, white chocolate Tim Tams and added them in halves, right angle cuts and added them all around in an ‘organic’ fashion. I also added these realllllllly cool kit kats which are actually…wait for it… crème brulee kit kats! I also added a faux flower with a bright pink to give the cake that extra bit of colour it needed. I had some left over raspberry coulis and who’s going to say no to some extra tangy sweetness, scoop it up in a couple of syringes, you’re good to go! Last minute details! Now I added some dried rose petals and buds to create a floral aroma around the cake. I also threw on (liberally) some white nonpareils, DETAILS matter!

Happy 21st birthday Tracy!

Swiss-meringue buttercream (SMBC) recipe

6 egg whites
517.5g caster sugar
675g butter
1 ½ teaspoon vanilla

1. Heat the sugar and egg whites over a double boiler until the sugar is dissolved
2. Whip your heated sugar mixture with an electric hand mixer or whatever you prefer
3. Slowly add your butter or shortening in cubes (ensure your butter is room temp)
4. It may split and become soupy, DON’T STOP! Don’t give up my little cake fairies, keep going i promise it will work.

*For a 7-inch cake, you would need 1 ½ batches of this recipe, this exact recipe is perfect for that!




Love, Nelle xox


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