Strawberry Milkshake Panacotta!

During high school until now I have had a strawberry milk obsession, when I say obsession I mean I use to drink it almost every single day! So I had to do what any normal person would do, make a dessert inspired by strawberry milk! The one thing that I make almost  every week is panacotta, which is a light milk based custard. Milk + strawberries = Strawberry milk! But I also wanted to make something pretty, easy to make and something I also always loved as a child growing up was STRAWBERRY NESQUIK! Voila! I bring you the winning dessert, my strawberry milkshake panacotta! I say winning because…

A few months ago I entered this recipe into a competition called The Yellow Pages’ search for Sydney’s Undiscovered Baking Legend and it WON! YAY! *throws confetti* The prize was that I got to be featured on the front cover of the yellow pages for 2017, as well as have my recipe printed in the book. This is definitely a dream come true and I am beyond honoured and blessed to have this opportunity. This competition is such an honour to be a part of because it highlights Australia’s greatest love, FOOD! In saying this, the competition also partnered with the Country Women’s Association (CWA) which is an organisation based on helping women and children in both regional and rural Australia, by empowering one another through baking and a love for food. More information about the organisation can be found in the 2017 edition of the yellow pages. I think it’s very important to understand how much food has grown in the last decade and how much it is still growing! Desserts and sweets especially, have begun to take over the nation. Food is a universal language and brings us together so share this recipe with your friends and family and enjoy!

You’ll find a hard copy of the strawberry milkshake panacotta recipe in the yellow pages 2017, and if you get the chance to get a copy of the local newspapers (Canterbury express and the Torch) You’ll be able to read a bit more about my journey. But for now, I’ll share the recipe here, a few tips and tricks and my TOP TIP for baking that I use absolutely every time.

Strawberry Milkshake Panacotta


200ml milk
200ml cream
¼ cup strawberry Nesquik
2 tablespoons of white sugar (optional if the Nesquik doesn’t make it sweet enough)
5g powdered gelatine
water to soak the gelatine


  1. Weigh out your gelatine and add some water to soak until and leave to bloom for about 5 minutes
  2. Add the milk, cream and Nesquik into a low-heat saucepan and dissolve (DO NOT BOIL)
  3. Once all dissolved take off the heat and add in the mass of gelatine (I say mass because your gelatine should be all in one big mass)
  4. Once the gelatine is dissolved, put your mix through a strainer and serve into glasses or dessert cups


  1. Always strain your mix to catch any little clumps of gelatine
  2. Taste test your recipe to make sure it isn’t too sweet or not sweet enough
  3. Add your mix into the fridge when it has cooled, if you put your dessert in the fridge hot it will form a skin
  4. SMILE and have a great attitude when baking, believe it or not, it will affect your end result 🙂




Love Nelle, xox


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