Happy Valentine’s day to all the love birds out there, whether you’re celebrating with your loved one or not take this day to tell someone you love, that you absolutely, positively adore them. Where do I begin? Some wise love writers and poets before me may describe love as having no boundaries, a feeling with no end, a true expression of gratitude. But that’s not me HA! To me, love means SUGAR, CAKE AND CHOCOLATE! What better way to show someone you love them but with food GLORIOUS food! Now other than sweet bakes I’m a savoury gal myself, so if someone cooks me a home cooked meal I’m in instant love. I thought I would note down some of my perfect valentine’s day ideas both cake related and let’s say “date” related just incase you’re stuck on ideas or not much of a romantic but still want to do something absolutely sweet!

If you’re a guy or girl and you’re reading this and you want to buy something for your significant other here is what I think.

Sure, roses, chocolates a simple card and a teddy are cute and definitely a great gift, chances are once the roses are dead, chocolates are eaten and teddy are consumed by dust it won’t be remembered. Here’s what I think, if you’re a baker like me a customised gift is awesome even though yes they are eaten your partner will get a kick out of all the effort you go to as well as find your customisation a nice touch. Another great gift idea is something i find super super cute and a little out of the box. It’s cost effective and thoughtful and something i actually have done in the past (do not judge my level of cheesiness) I grabbed a deck of cards and wrote a “reasons why i love you” mini book. Yep, sugar and spice and everything CHEESY! HAHA

Another idea is to do something fun together as a team because well today is the day you guys can celebrate your love and possibly show the world (I mean Facebook) about how awesome your little A team is (ha-ha just kidding, I love you all). I would recommend definitely cooking each other a meal or if you’re the one who does all the cooking, id hint to your partner that perhaps they better get their MasterChef on. But anyway I’m not a love guru so what do I know. Either way, enjoy doing something fun together!

Anyhow, this is what I did for valentine’s day. Of course I resorted to baking because it’s in my blood, sugar is officially running through my veins. I made customised cookies inspired by sweetheart candies that I purchased throughout my recent travels to Hawaii. I’ve always had a soft spot for these pastel little sweet hearts however has anyone actually read their conversations? WOW, here are what some say:

  • LOL
  • TXT ME
  • XOXO


So as you can see its pretty dull, but hey it has a certain sweetness to it 😉 Instead of those messages I decided to make mine completely, utterly personal and relate them back to our trip in Hawaii.

Now Mr Sprinkles had an obsession with the fried chicken over there, so I decided to write the words FRIED CHICKEN. Yep he got a cookie shaped as a love heart with the words fried chicken. Perhaps next time ill make it fried chicken flavoured as an April fools joke 😉


As well as you had me at ALOHA because HAWAII DUH?!


I also had to include some fruit puns so I included “I’m coconuts for you” and “you’re a fine-apple” because he’s a pretty fine- apple, occasionally.



The last one I included was I LOVE SNORKELLING. This one is really hilarious to me because over in Hawaii we both experienced snorkelling for the first time and after our first snorkelling encounter he would not shut up about snorkelling. Of course I made fun of it as I do and said he would start snorkelling in the bath tub when he got home HAHA! And so, bae had to have a cookie with his one true love on it SNORKELLING!



I also sandwiched them together with more cookies and caramel because bae loves caramel! Giggles aside, he loved them.


Happy valentine’s day to all you lovers out there, and to all my single pringles I hope your day is as magical as ever because the only person in the world who actually NEEDS to love you is YOU so love yourself first!

Love always, your baking cupid, Nelle



Ps, if anyone wants to be my valentines date you know the drill. FOOD.


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