How to achieve black buttercream!


Sounds simple enough right? Add black food colouring into your simple buttercream, WRONG! Adding black food colouring to your buttercream, whether it’s SMBC, IMBC, American buttercream, it’s not easy to achieve black! So to everyone who wants to attempt it keep reading and I’ll walk you through how I achieved black buttercream.

There are a few ways I’ve achieved black buttercream…

The first way i achieved black buttercream was by making a dark chocolate buttercream using lots of yummy dark chocolate ganache added to a regular vanilla buttercream. To which I then added quite a lot of black gel food colouring. This did work but I needed to add quite a bit. I used this method a second time but this time I made it a day ahead and I rewhipped it before using and the colour had actually darkened and was extremely dark!

For something quicker, I have also tried adding straight cocoa powder to regular buttercream and then added a mixture of chocolate food colouring which is an oil based food colouring in jet black, as well as regular gel colour and I popped it in the fridge for about 10 minutes and kept mixing until it darkened. It also worked but wasn’t as nice tasting as the first method.

I have also added just straight black to the buttercream and it turned PURPLE. Yep, it was a grey, purple colour. Similarly, to the first method, I let it sit overnight and voila! It worked 😉

Quick tip! If you want to make black ganache, it’s actually a lot easier as the chocolate is already quite dark, add gel or preferably chocolate colouring as it is oil based straight into your fresh made, melted ganache and stir. It should go black pretty much instantly depending on how much you’re using.

WARNING: This may stain teeth…If it’s a Halloween party you’re set! 😉






Happy baking! Love, Nelle xox


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