Mothers day! How to make burgundy fondant!

Firstly, wherever you are in the world this is a little blog dedicated to all the hardworking, beautiful and strong mothers out there! You are amazing, loved and should be appreciated every single day! Especially my beautiful mum who is my backbone, support system through all of this cake craziness and without her, none of this would be possible!

Now for this fun little blog I wanted to share some of the mothers day goodies I had the pleasure of creating this mothers day. I had found these adorable cookie stamps at coles (grocery store) and they were just too cute, i had to use them on my mothers day cupcakes!

I also wanted to add some chic couture cupcakes into the mix. However, this year I wanted to really go with a colour theme and in Australia mothers day is held in autumn and ive been really vibing with burgundy lately so I used burgundy, baby pink, white and of course a beautiful touch of gold.

This colour scheme was  perfect because it had richness from the burgundy and gold and the prettiness of the pink and white to tie it all together. Now for this blog, I am going to share a secret little tip that I used to make burgundy fondant. I bought burgundy and maroon colouring but of course it didn’t work. It probably would have If I added a bottle and a half, let it sit there over night and sang to it in 10 different languages, but who has that kind of time?

I did a little revisit to my old art books and what I found was some information on mixing colours. I also did a google search and found that I could mix in red, blue and a tiny bit of black fondant to achieve burgundy! I loved the colour but it just wasn’t enough, I wanted a more purple/red shade so I also added some purple gel colouring to get a deeper/purplier (is that a word?) shade of burgundy!


IMG_1119I was so happy with how these turned out, heres the whole set! Once again, happy mothers day to all! Let me know how you celebrated mothers day this year!


I also managed to make a cute little something for my mother, and I finally got to have a crack at mini cakes and mini macaron towers! So happy with how they turned out, she absolutely adored her gift!



As always, love Nelle xox


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