Shopkins cake Q and A!

Over the past few weeks I’ve touched on a few themes and now im going to dive into the crazy, cute world of SHOPKINS! I know, you’re probably sick of these little guys lying all around your house, dodging them while you walk around the lounge room, hoping to not step on those suckers in the dark (ouch!). But here I am to bring you more about shopkins! Now this theme is particularly interesting because they are the cutest and weirdest kids toy craze around, there are about 1000 different varieties of shopkins from strawberries to lawn mowers. Yes, there is a mini lawn mower with eyes on it. I can’t deal. My little sister and cousin are OBSESSSSSSED with shopkins, I remember walking into my sisters’ bedroom where she has perfectly lined up all her shopkin toys, shopkin houses and accessories. It literally hits you in the face, its bold, pink and so cute!

I have been longing to make a shopkins themed cake for quite some time now, purely because I wanted to attempt making those darling little figurines. So when my aunty asked me to make one for my cousins’ birthday I had to go all out. I initially asked her to choose some of her favourite shopkins… She handed me something that looked like a soy sauce bottle?! She then handed me one that looked like a bag of rice!? Obviously I was hoping for the cute ones like the cookie, strawberry…No she chose those…

We convinced her to pick some more and I was so thrilled to see she had picked some cute ones (YES!) she picked apple blossom, lippy lipstick, kooky cookie and I added in Delish doughnut.



Now there are millions of shopkins cakes floating around so the original designer of this cake was I don’t know who, but if you do leave a comment below! I did change a few things and added my own characters and added a sassy twist 😉

I had a few questions in relation to this cake so I thought I would turn this blog over to you guys, let you take the reins and I’ll answer those questions! Let’s GET STARTED!

Q1: What kind of tools do you need to make the figurines? How did you get it so accurate?

Q1A: Well, I mostly used my hands, looking at pictures definitely helps and YouTube tutorials (shout out to Laura from Krazy Kool Cakes). I would definitely say you needed a selection of round cookie cutters, round piping tips with different sized round nozzles, a clay extruder if you aren’t confident getting thin sausage lines with fondant, paint brushes to add water to attach pieces together, and dry brushes to add colouring using petal dusts! I also have to add in I used colour shapers to just neaten up edges and get into the areas my big as Shrek fingers can’t get into.


Q2: What was the hardest part about making this cake?

Q2A: Hmmm… Id say the most difficult part was probably making the figurines? It was a blast making them but they are definitely time consuming and fiddly as there were so many tiny details!


Q3: Do you have any advice about which colours to use? What was the creative process behind allocating what shopkins characters made the cake?

Q3A: When choosing colours its always best to choose colours that POP! I wouldn’t make blue shopkins characters and have a blue background for the cake base. I would be looking at complimentary colours and contrasting colours that really catch the eye. One little fun fact about me is that I did an art unit at uni (OoooOoooh fancy me). Th entire unit was dedicated to painting and it focused on colour contrast and comparison which taught me so much about complimentary colours and how to capture the eye with colour. My advice would be to with what you would think suits best, pink and blue look awesome against each other hence why my board and cake were blue and pink, as well as the little shopkin house which had blue and pink aspects. The little characters were also all of different colours which made it really pop. Orange and blue also look great against each other which is why Kooky cookie really pops on the cake!


Q4: What is most exciting about making children’s cakes?  

Q4A: Making children cakes are exciting for me purely because they have the most colourful themes! Colours are what bring cakes to life! They have such interesting themes, characters and colours that you sometimes cant to with things like wedding cakes, or for lack of a better word “Adult” cakes (no no not nude ones HAHA). It’s fun also because you can really revisit your childhood sometimes, especially for me, when I get to make Disney themed cakes I get to relive a little bit of my childhood and I think that’s quite nice as an adult. We often forget what it’s like to be a child and dream, so for me this is a fun way to hold onto those fond memories.

Q5: Did you have to research on Shopkins to understand color scheme/fonting/vibe of the concept?

Q5A: I didn’t have to research in the sense that I had to watch their show (I know, I cant believe they have a show and I don’t HAHA!) But I did have to google search their characters to capture their details. To make the name for the cake I really wanted to get “shopkins” type font, so I actually googled “shopkins my name” and this funky little website came up where you could type in any name and it would shopkins your name. of course, I couldn’t save it so I screen shot it, and printed out the picture onto normal paper and cut it out by hand sing an exacto knife! (add that tool to your list)



Now I have a question for all of you… Which was your favourite shopkin character from this cake? Comment below!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below!


Happy baking! love, Nelle xox


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